Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021
Here you learn about the ground-breaking work that these people do — For Arts’ Sake and For Your Sake.
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Ekaterina is a dedicated cultural aficionado. Her mission is to advance intercommunal dialogue by means of stimulating people’s creativity.
Ekaterina is a digital & communications museum specialist. She launched a digital department with the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in Moscow and curated multiple online projects there.
As a Chevening scholar, Ekaterina moved to London in 2018 to complete her masters in Museums and Galleries in Education at UCL. Previously she obtained a BA degree in Cultural Journalism from Moscow State University (2016) and an MA in History of Art and Art Market from Higher School of Economics (2018).
Alina graduated with MLitt in History of Art from Christie’s Education (Glasgow University) and has a BA in History of Art from UCL. She likes to share her passion for art with people around her and believes in the power of culture to drive social change.
Alina was a founding member of Art Night London — London’s biggest free contemporary arts festival. Prior to Art Night London, she worked for 5 years as a specialist at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in Russian and Impressionist & Modern Art departments.
Alina’s background is in art business and cultural charity. She is currently working towards her second MA in Museums & Galleries in Education at UCL.
contact: alina@forartsake.co.uk
contact: sabila@forartsake.co.uk
Sabila is passionate about using digital media to make museum knowledge accessible for all.
As an undergraduate, Sabila not only studied Culture, Society, and Media but took an active role as a social media officer at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Ōita, Japan. Since then, Sabila worked as a curatorial researcher for the historic art collection of the Presidential Palaces of Indonesia, as well as several other cultural projects across Japan and Indonesia.
She completed her MA in Museums and Galleries in Education at UCL with the LPDP scholarship from the Indonesian government. Upon graduation, she returned to Indonesia to work on various non-profit cultural development projects and heritage interpretation research with the University of Indonesia.
A firm believer in expanding education opportunities, James has worked primarily in schools in economically deprived areas. As a History graduate, he is keen to challenge our preconceptions of the past and question adherence to tradition. His focus as a museum educator is to expand access and inclusion to learners from all backgrounds, breaking down class barriers which still plague the sector.
James is an experienced educator both in and out of the classroom. Having worked as a teacher in schools and colleges, he left teaching to pursue a master’s degree in Museums and Galleries in Education. Since completing his studies, James has worked in museums and heritage education at sites in Essex and London.
contact: james@forartsake.co.uk
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