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Bonus episode!
"I want to be critical of past actors and how their legacies have lived on in the present."
— Diva Zumaya
Shaping Narratives: A Curator's Journey at LACMA
Diva Zumaya
Assistant Curator
Creating joyful museum experiences through slow looking and Visible Thinking
Claire Bown
Slow-looking aficionado
SEASON 6 | Episode 1
"The more you look, the more you see, the more engaged you become"
— Claire Bown
Thinking Museum
The importance of climate awareness in museums
and galleries
Dr Jenny Newell
Climate change champion
SEASON 6 | Episode 2
"As trusted sources of information, museums need to make sure to fulfil that trust and help people navigate all the challenges that climate change is bringing."
— Dr Jenny Newell
Australian Museum, Sydney
Keeping historical collections relevant and curating for local audiences
Helen Hillyard
Gallery guardian
SEASON 6 | Episode 3
"It's about using museums for that dialogue between past and present."
— Helen Hillyard
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Decolonising Indonesian history, heritage, and art through research and curatorship
Dr Sadiah Boonstra
Dedicated decoloniser
SEASON 6 | Episode 4
"‘Some fundamental questions that any museum that wants to decolonise needs to ask: how were they implicated in the colonial project and how can they undo that?"
— Dr Sadiah Boonstra
Indonesian Agency for Museums and Cultural Heritage
Using the healing power of the arts to improve access to museums and galleries
Harriet Body
Engaged arts educator
SEASON 6 | Episode 5
"There are spaces within cultural institutions where art experiences don't exist as pictures on the wall."
— Harriet Body
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
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