Season 3
Listen to us
Spaces, spectacle, and storytelling
Tim Powell
Director of Fun
SEASON 3 | Episode 1
Our approach is inherently theatrical
— Tim Powell
Historic Royal Palaces
Exploring sensory-friendly museums
Holly Wilson
Accessibility Ambassador
SEASON 3 | Episode 2
Don’t just jump to conclusions,
take that step back and think,
and try to be as un-judgmental
as possible.
— Holly Wilson
The British Museum
Lockal heritage and LGBTQ+histories
Sean Curran
Heritage Outreach Troublemaker
SEASON 3 | Episode 3
We should be thinking how we can transform our institutions from relics of an imagined past.
— Sean Curran
Sutton House | National Trust
Museum, art, and heritage: building an engaging future
Devon Rose Turner
Culture Communicator
SEASON 3 | Episode 4
Use your heritage, who you are and where you come from, as an asset.
— Devon Rose Turner
People, policy, and power: diversifying museums and culture.
Teresa Cisneros
Museum Diversity Overlord
SEASON 3 | Episode 5
If you really want to think about shifting or changing a system, you have to do it from the inside. You first have to start with people.
— Teresa Cisneros
Wellcome Collection