Season 1
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On using technology to make museum experiences fun and interactive
Ed Lawless
Digital Learning Wizard
SEASON 1 | Episode 1
Digital technologies help bring people together.
— Ed Lawless
The British Museum
All-inclusive: on museum diversity and festival planning
Aisling Serrant
Museum Festival Creator
SEASON 1 | Episode 2
Museums are for everyone.
— Aisling Serrant
The Museum of London, Docklands
On teaching adults and learning from kids
Caroline Marcus
Museum Learning Champion
SEASON 1 | Episode 3
Our role as educators is to stimulate
curiosity in people of all ages.
— Caroline Marcus

UCL, GEM, Kids in Museums
On inspiring creativity, LGBTQ stories, and Instagram
Jack Shoulder
Museum Learning Rockstar
SEASON 1 | Episode 4
Museums should be an active
force of good in the community.
— Jack Shoulder
Towner Art Gallery
How historical places remember people's emotions
Jenny Pistella
Master Storyteller
SEASON 1 | Episode 5
Love, fear, pain — how historical places commemorate these feelings?
— Jenny Pistella
Queen Mary University, London