Season 5
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Bonus episode!
The ups and downs of directing an independent museum
Independent-ana Jones
David Dawson
"Without understanding where we've come from, how on earth can we make decisions about where we're going?"
Wiltshire Museum
Bringing the Smithsonian to life through storytelling
Lizzy Peabody
Story Wrangler
SEASON 5 | Episode 1
"People tend to think of museums as being a place where you go to look at things, but there's a lot more than that, too."
— Lizzie Peabody
Smithsonian Institution
Building a weird and wonderful career in museums
Sarah Creed
Exhibition Explorer
SEASON 5 | Episode 2
"We might think that a beautiful Rembrandt painting is important, but for whoever from Birmingham or Scotland or London, this whistle that their dad gave them might be important for specific reasons. So that should be equally as represented and cherished as that."
— Sarah Creed
Design Museum, London
Young people leading the way in museums
Anna Petrova
Art History Wunderkind
SEASON 5 | Episode 3
"I don’t think any museum can be boring. I don’t believe that history and art can bore anybody."
— Anna Petrova
Odesa Fine Arts Museum
Reinventing and rebuilding hidden heritage
Daria Beglova
Heritage Fairy
SEASON 5 | Episode 4
"Culture is a great healer, a mediator, and a tutor."
— Daria Beglova
Peredelkino Art Center & Residence
Being in two places at once: engaging audiences across multiple sites
Sarah Cowie
Engagement Enchantress
SEASON 5 | Episode 5
National Museums Scotland
"One challenge of museum educators is: how do we keep offering programmes and activities that people want to do and really stand out against other places?"
— Sarah Cowie