Season 4
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English Heritage
It' about finding the people that you want to serve and then working with them to figure out what interests them.
— Dr Dominique Bouchard
Culture as a service, and how heritage can give communities a new voice
Dr Dominique Bouchard
Cultural Learning Ambassador
Engaging young audiences & working together
Dhikshana Turakhia Pering
Innovative Engagement Extraordinaire
SEASON 4 | Episode 1
Engaging young people involves creating a great experience, building involvement, and nurturing the skills they need.
— Dhikshana Turakhia Pering

Somerset House
Museum Social Media, TikTok and Engaging GenZ
Abby Bird
Social Media Sorceress
SEASON 4 | Episode 2
When we use the language that young people are using, it makes it more relatable to them.
— Abby Bird
Black Country Living Museum
LGBTQ+ History and Heritage
Dan Vo
Museum Queerator
SEASON 4 | Episode 3
We don't just recognise queer history. We also celebrate it.
— Dan Vo
Black Country Living Museum
Creating arts education opportunities and working with the artists of the future.
Gemma Wright
Gallery Guru
SEASON 4 | Episode 4
"Think about what artists need, and make sure all of their needs are catered for."
— Gemma Wright
Camden Arts Centre
Prioritising mental health and building a fairer future
Louise McAward-White
Engagement Enchantress
SEASON 4 | Episode 5
"If you're thinking about the right things when you're recruiting and you're behaving in a fair and equitable way, you will benefit the sector overall."
— Louise McAward-White