Josh Yiu
Josh Yiu is the Director of the CUHK Art Museum, with academic roots at the University of Chicago and Oxford. His work centres on making art more accessible to the public, without compromising its educational value. He's responsible for organizing exhibits and programs that resonate with both students and the wider community, highlighting the cultural narratives behind the museum's collections. Through these efforts, Josh is enhancing the museum's role as a space for learning and exploration, connecting people from various backgrounds to the world of art.
Evolving Roles of University Art Museums
Josh Yiu leads the CUHK Art Museum, curating displays that connect academic insights with public interest. He focuses on accessible programs that encourage community interaction, extending the museum's role as an educational bridge between the university and the wider Hong Kong society.
Season 7 / Episode 5 / Coming Soon
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021