Olivia Durand and Paula Larsson
Paula & Olivia are both historians who share a deep passion for public engagement and historical storytelling. They take research out of the university and into the streets through Uncomfortable Oxford. The city of Oxford offers the perfect setting for learning about built historical legacies of inequality, violence, and imperialism.
Oxford’s Uncomfortable Past
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021
SEASON 2 / Episode 4 / December 19, 2019
Founding directors of Uncomfortable Oxford. Both doctoral candidates at the University of Oxford, in History of Medicine, and Global and Imperial History
Olivia and Paula like to reveal hidden histories through 'uncomfortable' walking tours.
Olivia & Paula are dedicated to breaking institutional barriers between academia and the wider public. They worry that there is a growing trend towards polarised discourses across the world. With extreme opinions on the rise, academics have an obligation to bring their research out into the public space to encourage dialogue, critical thinking, and empathy. Through Uncomfortable Oxford, Paula & Olivia have designed a method for deflating emotional tensions that surround uncomfortable histories, directing dialogue towards a productive middle ground.