Dhikshana Turakhia Pering
Head of Engagement and Skills at Somerset House, Trustee Museums Association, Member of Museum Detox
Daria is the Head of Peredelkino Art Center & Residence in Moscow, Russia. Daria has been working in many cultural projects, focused on reviving decrepit historical spaces, including the iconic Gorky Park in Moscow and New Holland Island in St. Petersburg. In addition, Daria has worked for cultural institutions such as Garage Museum of Contemporary art and Yeltsin Center.
Engagement over learning, working together, and juggling family and professional life
With a passion for diversifying the cultural engagement sector, Dhikshana currently works as Head of Engagement & Skills at Somerset House, connecting Somerset House's cultural programme, history and onsite creative community with diverse audiences.
SEASON 5 / Episode 4 / 12 May / 33:22
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021