Lizzie Peabody
Senior producer and host, Smithsonian’s Sidedoor podcast; educator, storyteller
Lizzie Peabody is an audio producer and storyteller in Washington D.C. She has taught first person storytelling for the past several years, and frequently performed her own stories onstage. Formerly a classroom teacher, she is now the host and senior producer of the Smithsonian’s flagship podcast, Sidedoor.
Bringing the Smithsonian to life through storytelling
Lizzie sneaks podcast listeners through the Smithsonian’s side door to discover stories that can’t be found anywhere else. She works with curators, scientists, artists and historians to broadcast tales from across the Smithsonian’s many museum collections and research centres that might otherwise go unnoticed on a trip to the National Mall.
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021
SEASON 5 / Episode 1 / 38:43 / 21 April 2022