Sean Curran
Sean is currently working as a Senior Inclusive Heritage Advisor at Historic England. Prior to this they run the Community Learning department at the National Trust’s flagship community outreach property. Sean holds a PhD in Queer Heritage from the UCL Institute of Education. They also work as a freelance consultant, curator, illustrator and designer, and they teach LGBTQ+ history at Richmond University.
Local heritage and LGBTQ+ histories
Sean is a heritage educator and community curator whose passion is for playful and engaging interpretation, and radical challenges to normative history. Working with marginalised groups is at the centre of their work.
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021
SEASON 3 / Episode 3 / 27:52 / 9 july 2020
Senior Inclusive Heritage Advisor, Historic England; formerly Community Learning Manager, Sutton House & Breaker’s Yard