Jervais Choo
Deputy Director of Organisational Design and Innovation, National Heritage Board, Singapore
Season 7 /Episode 1 /23 February /49:38 /
Bonus episode / 42:52 / 9 March 2021
Future-Proofing the Past: Tech's Role in Preserving Culture
In our opening episode of Season 7, meet Jervais Choo, Deputy Director of Organisational Design and Innovation at Singapore's National Heritage Board and DigiMuse founder. Explore how his work with digital artists and technologies like AI and VR is changing museum experiences. The discussion includes practical advice for integrating tech into museums, understanding digital innovation's role, the necessity of experimentation, and future directions in museum technology.
Jervais Choo, at Singapore's National Heritage Board, focuses on digital innovation in heritage experiences. Leading the DigiMuse program since 2017, he integrates advanced technology, such as AI chatbots and virtual environments, to enhance museum visits. This initiative marks a significant step in modernising cultural engagement. Since 2017, his contributions have extended to directing Singapore's Night and Heritage Festivals and playing a key role at the National Museum, all aimed at bridging the gap between tradition and futuristic innovation, redefining how the public interacts with heritage.